Top CIO Issues for 2012 – #1 Not Getting Fired

Pink slip with "you're fired" and obsolescence checkedThe true CIO Issues for 2012 that actually keep CIO’s up at night are not about clouds or big data, they are about the CIO not getting fired. I realize most people that produce top CIO issues lists or top IT trends lists will be getting their 2012 predictions out any day now. But most CIO issues lists will play it safe and focus on technology challenges while pandering to the middle with the consumerization of IT, BYOPC, cloud computing, and budget cuts.

The real CIO issues story is the growing number of voices weighing in on the future role of the CIO which are not very positive. Many of these voices are coming right out and telling CEO’s their CIO should be getting fired or at least demoted. And as this is going on CIO’s continue their personal struggle to help with strategy so they won’t have to worry about unemployment benefits.

And so I compiled this list from items I have been tracking so there might be a more honest and open discussion on the future role of the CIO and so individual CIO’s can take appropriate action and focus on what really matters most in2012- not getting fired.

Top CIO Issues for 2012

  1. Not Getting Fired: I don’t think the issue of not getting fired needs any explanation. In case it is not clear, the rest of the list represents the likely causes of getting fired.
  2. Irrelevance: A CIO that finds themselves without a seat at the table is one thing, but when there isn’t even seat at the kids table you know you are irrelevant. This is possibly more about the individual’s inability to contribute than it is about the role of the CIO in the organization.
  3. Obsolescence: This is more about the role of the CIO than it is about the individual CIO. Although many CIO’s will find that they are becoming obsolete from not adapting to the changing role of the CIO in the organization.
  4. Value Contribution: CIO’s must double their efforts in 2012 on delivering a concrete value proposition for their organization.
  5. Wrong Priorities: 2012 promises a number of technological and professional challenges which can easily distract CIO’s from the priorities of the business and becoming the business strategist.
  6. Failed IT Strategy: 2012 may not be the time for a high risk, big thinking, IT strategy since your organization can’t afford a costly failed VDI implementation or ERP replacement especially if they are not core to your value proposition or business strategy.
  7. Data Breach: You don’t have to be in one of the regulated industries or located in Massachusetts for a data breech to be enough reason for getting fired. With increases in activist hacking, cyber espionage and cyber warfare more vigilance will be needed in 2012.

As you see the other predictions for IT trends in 2012 and other CIO issues list, find a way to look beyond how those lists advance your technology plan and consider how they help you pay your mortgage.

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