EDU Domain Requirements Policy Change Proposals

got .edu domain requirements policy changesThe EDUCAUSE Policy Comment Forum is currently accepting public comment on 4 .EDU domain requirements policy change proposals. The public comment period runs 90 days during which time the proposed changes are open for public comment before the Policy Board hears the proposals. The 90 day open comment period for the current 4 policy proposals have deadlines of July 3, 2012.

Despite my personal feelings (which at times may seem more like rants, about possible changes needed in the .EDU domain requirements policy to curb abuses and misuses) the current .EDU domain requirements policy change proposals are sensible and offer potential improvements.

I do have some differing views on a couple of the proposals which I have submitted as comments so I thought I should share the Policy Change Proposals with you here.

.EDU Domain Requirements Policy Change Proposals

1. Use Inconsistent with the Purpose of .edu

Current Policy: No action taken on the basis of content, except illegal content
Proposed Policy: EDUCAUSE is empowered to disable and release grandfathered domains, with Policy Board approval in each case, if their primary use is not for education.

2. Number of Domains Per Entity

Current Policy: Limited to one, except for grandfathered domains
Proposed Policy: Entities currently eligible for .edu domains may hold up to two domains, provided those domains are associated with the entire entity and not just a subunit. Entities that already hold more than one domain may not request additional domains. During a 90-day sunrise period following the implementation of this policy, EDUCAUSE will resolve conflicts among requests, if necessary by denying all conflicting requests that cannot be resolved.

3. Associations of .edu-eligible entities

Current Policy: Only U.S. state higher-education systems are eligible
Proposed Policy: Non-profit membership-based entities in which 75 percent of member base is eligible for a .edu domain will now be eligible for one .edu domain.

4. Access to .edu Zone File

Current Policy: Zone file made available only in exceptional circumstances, and then only with prior approval of the U.S. Department of Commerce
Proposed Policy: EDUCAUSE can provide access to the .edu zone file in cases where this would clearly contribute to better and more secure network operations, reporting approvals of such access to the U.S. Department of Commerce with semi-annual reports rather than seeking case-by-case prior approval.

You can find the full .EDU domain requirements policy change proposals at the EDUCAUSE Policy Forum site including links to view all of the comments received thus far and instructions on how to add your feedback to the policy review discussion. You may even have your own policy change proposals to submit.

I think this is such an important opportunity for everyone contribute their voice to the discussion and since it only takes a few minutes to submit your two cents I hope you all do.

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