Are You a Strategic CIO or Not?

LinkedIn PollsymbolWith so much attention on the role of the CIO and the importance of being a strategic CIO I thought I should see how CIO’s view their own ability to be strategic. It’s one thing for the analysts to offer their views on the role of the CIO and the importance of transitioning into a more strategic CIO role. It’s another thing to hear from CIO’s themselves on this issue.

So I started a poll on Linkedin today to ask CIO’s how they see their ability to be strategic compared to other CIO’s. The poll will run through the end of January and I will share the results here.

screen image of the linkedIn Poll Question

I am hoping what we will  see from this poll (link) is whether or not CIO’s see their ability to be strategic as strong or weak when compared to their peers. The results of that question would then help us understand if the issues affecting the role of the CIO as a strategic business leader are more an issue of the CIO’s ability or issues with organization’s readiness to accept a strategic CIO.

If the LinkedIn poll reveals CIO’s generally see themselves as lacking the ability to be a strategic CIO then the plan would be to focus on improving the CIO’s abilities outside of IT. That might mean more attention to soft skills, avoiding bad behaviors, or improving general leadership skills. But it could mean more specific development in the areas of business strategy, business models, business development, and financial analysis.

But if we find the CIO’s generally see their ability to be a strategic CIO as being sufficient and their business acumen is strong, then we need to look more at how to build influence in the business. That might include finding ways to demonstrate the benefits of a more involved CIO who contributes to improving the value chain, improved business processes, developing new business models, and strengthening existing business models.

So if you have a minute, take the poll yourself and encourage your contacts to do the same. Then shortly after the poll closes, I will summarize the results and post them here.  So be sure to subscribe to this blog so you will be sure to get the results sent automatically to you when they are posted.

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