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CIO job related duties and responsibilities with particular emphasis on those things that help more the role of the CIO from tactical to strategic in their organizations.

4 Steps to Improving IT Value Realization

Improving IT value realization is clearly top of mind for many executives these days. Sadly, IT value realization is more of a focus among CEO’s and CFO’s than it appears it is for CIO’s. The reasons I am hearing for the interest … Continue reading

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Hire Slow to Achieve Excellence

Hire Slow is absolutely the single most important strategy to achieving excellence. That is because excellence starts and end with the people you hire and the team that you build. Therefore, hire slow is the first part of an overall … Continue reading

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Fire Fast: Fixing Bad Hiring Decisions

Hire slow, fire fast is both a strategy and an encouragement for fixing bad hiring decisions. Fire fast should also be taken as permission to use firing more often than other approaches to fixing bad hiring decisions. Fire fast not … Continue reading

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IT Scorecard Shows Green While Customers Are Seeing Red

Does your IT scorecard show nothing but green while your customers are seeing red? Take a minute before you answer. Is it possible your IT scorecard is committing the classic IT sin? That is, publishing an IT scorecard that your customers don’t accept or … Continue reading

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You Can’t Wake A Person Who Is Pretending To Be Asleep

“You can’t wake a person who is pretending to be asleep” is an ancient Navajo proverb. The wisdom of this proverb has withstood the test of time and therefore it should not escape your attention today. Slow down, for just a minute, … Continue reading

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Undercover CIO: What you don’t know they won’t tell you

Undercover CIO is an idea I hope each of you will consider. Actually, undercover CIO is more than an idea, it’s a management approach for CIO’s to use in their daily routine to increase their visibility into their IT organizations. … Continue reading

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Eat Your Own Dog Food – Lessons from BYOD

The first rule of IT ought to be to always eat your own dog food. Eat your own dog food is much more than a rule. Eat your own dog food is a first principle of IT. That is why … Continue reading

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