CFO’s Leading IT Decision Making

IT decision making is lead by CFO’s. That’s the conclusion of a joint study just released by Financial Executives International and Gartner. The findings of this research report are already appearing all over the web today and should be a must read for every CIO wondering why they have so little control over the IT decision making process.

In light of yesterday’s article Idiocracy and the Dystopia of IT in Higher Ed I would think this is another must read for everyone still wondering why they are not viewed as strategic in their organization. This study should also serve as a rallying cry for every CIO to strengthen their financial and business acumen. That also means exercising their financial analysis skills and ability to focus on the big picture of financial performance – the topside and bottom line.

The CFO’s Impact on Technology Investment Decisions

Financial Executives International (FEI) did post a slide deck of the research which I am linking to here. This would make for a great breakfast meeting conversation with your CFO.

Let us know what you think and how breakfast went with your CFO.

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