Developing an Effective Cloud Computing Adoption Strategy (Part 2)

Developing an effective cloud computing adoption strategy is anchored in your philosophy about cloud computing and IT services. This posts builds upon  Developing an Effective Cloud Computing Adoption Strategy (Part 1) which focused more on the big picture of general purpose computing and the role of IT in supporting cloud adoption. This post dives into cloud computing adoption from the cultural and human side perspective.

To help me with this angle of cloud computing I am again turning again to Cloud Connect on YouTube and Alister Croll, Conference Chair of Cloud Connect. I am sticking with Croll mostly for consistency in the language but to also illustrate that as IT leaders we really should have a very well rounded and coherent philosophy on cloud computing adoption.

In these two very short videos Croll lays out the major implications of cloud computing and the consumerization of IT from the non-IT perspective which is the democratization of IT.

IT leaders and even CEO’s should take Croll’s message as a window into how to better position your cloud computing adoption strategy.

Your overall IT strategy and more specifically your cloud computing adoption strategy needs to reflect the democratization of IT. To overlook this point means you will have very little influence on the future role of IT in your organization.

Perhaps the more useful talks by Croll for helping you shape your cloud computing adoption strategy will be these next two short clips. This first clip will include an important point about the control relied on by most IT departments to control procurement and prevent shadow IT organizations.

And finally part 2 which include thoughts on the cloud business model and some other issues on the human and cultural dimension of cloud computing.

I hope this set of videos helps you realize just how many aspects of cloud computing require consideration by you and your team in order to craft a philosophy and cloud computing strategy.

I am sure the temptation to short cycle the process of crafting a philosophy is strong. So I urge you to set aside an hour on two separate days next week to watch the videos again and outline the main points to be reflected in your own strategy. Then share them with your team, using the videos or not, and draft your cloud computing philosophy before someone else gives your theirs to follow.

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