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IT Governance Model ToolkitSetting up an IT Governance model can be easy for any CIO as long as your initial goal is to have a functional governance model within a few short weeks that is tailored to the culture of your institution. If you mistakenly believe it has to be a “best practice” approach using one of the popular frameworks, you may never operationalize it.

Just a note, I always say, Best Practices is only what you can get done in your institution. And, if you are thinking about doing it yourself consider if you will be able to get the stakeholder buy-in you will need down the road.

IT Governance

As a continuation of last weeks post IT Project Portfolio Planning Using Excel I thought I would attempt to offer a similar easy to follow summary of what IT Governance is and how to organize a governance model on any campus.

First and foremost, IT governance is an extension of institutional or corporate governance. IT governance is fundamentally the formal process for how IT related decisions are, and the decision making rights and responsibilities of each party.

Organizations with no formal governance framework for the enterprise will likely struggle with IT governance because IT governance will be seen as imposing structure inot an unstructured organization. That is one of the key hurdles for IT governance implementations in higher education.

Because higher education is often very participative, and decision making can take a long time and involve numerous constituencies IT governance is often met with opposition.

IT Governance Model

I have packaged some basic information along with useful illustrations and models you can copy and use in getting yourself organized. Again I have posted the material to Slideshare which is accessible here:

[slideshare id=7504613&doc=itgovernancemodel-110403214157-phpapp01]

IT Governance Toolkit

The IT Governance Toolkit is a turnkey IT Governance model designed to get your IT governance model implemented quickly using proven policies and procedures.

Whether you are setting up an initial IT Governance model or looking to improve the maturity of existing IT project governance policies and procedures, the IT Governance Toolkit is a a solid starting point. The toolkit includes:
IT Governance Toolkit

IT Governance Toolkit

IT Governance
Toolkit $19.95

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  • IT Governance Committee Charter
  • IT Governance Guidelines
  • IT Project Governance – Short Version
  • IT Governance Model Presentation (shown above)

The IT governance viewpoint represented in the slideshow above is reflected in each of these three documents and supported by a separate Instruction and filled with suggestions and tips to help you customize them for the culture of your organization, current corporate governance model, and readiness for IT governance.

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