Private Cloud Here We Come!

Private cloud deployments on premise was our goal like many other colleges. So we chose Cisco’s Unified Computing Systems (UCS) because regardless of what term you prefer converged infrastructure, consolidated infrastructure, or even aggregated infrastructure Cisco UCS fits them all for private cloud infrastructure. And, yesterday we fit two Cisco UCS units into our racks as part of the next phase in the journey toward true private cloud computing for the college.

I have put together some pictures of our new private cloud infrastructure and loaded them online and included them here:

[slideshare id=7212337&doc=ciscounifiedcomputingsystem-110309212743-phpapp01]

The implementation of Cisco UCS is really just another step along the path of implementing a private cloud computing solution at the college. Having already achieved >85% server virtualization in the data center, desktop virtualization with Citrix and some VMware VDI, and already offering hosting services to neighboring colleges and partner agencies the next step is a true cloud computing infrastructure – which for us was Cisco UCS.

Fortunately, the hardware refresh on the remaining physical systems is now due allowing us to move forward with our converged infrastructure strategy using Cisco UCS. This initial phase will migrate all existing VMware, Citrix, and voice systems onto UCS. Then, starting in June we will move email, SharePoint, portal, and network systems over. Around the end of the year we will be looking at the final stage to consolidate the existing Solaris environments.

Private Cloud

Meanwhile, we will be moving to establish orchestration with provisioning automation to support offering IaaS and PaaS for instructional use and to support true SaaS in private cloud. This will likely include a Community Cloud to support our existing non-college customers. This work with coincide with a refresh of the existing SAN in the fall so we can include storage automation as part of the service.

As we complete the migration work I will offer additional insights into our strategy and technology plans and how Cisco UCS fits our Green IT goals.

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