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4 Steps to Improving IT Value Realization

Improving IT value realization is clearly top of mind for many executives these days. Sadly, IT value realization is more of a focus among CEO’s and CFO’s than it appears it is for CIO’s. The reasons I am hearing for the interest … Continue reading

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IT Governance Model

Your IT governance model is one of the most critical processes to the success of your IT department and your organization. IT governance in many organization’s occurs through a technology committee but uses an informal process, or function, resulting in … Continue reading

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Virtualization Metrics and Virtualization Benchmarks

Server virtualization metrics and virtualization benchmarks are critical to analyzing the financial and operational performance benefits from virtualization. This is especially true when you want to know if you are achieving the full ROI that virtualization offers for improved staffing … Continue reading

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Alternative Payment Systems Reducing the Cost of College

Alternative payment systems can reduce the cost of college for students, add convenience, and eliminate the cost of tuition payment systems. In many ways this should be a no-brainer for CFO’s and CIO’s. Yet roughly 50% of all colleges and … Continue reading

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Credit Card Convenience Fees in Higher Ed

Recently I set out to do a little research into convenience fees for credit cards and other forms of electronic payments in Higher Ed. I wanted to examine the opportunity for CIO’s to adopt alternative payment systems or alternate currencies … Continue reading

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Opportunity Cost: The Forgotten Cost of IT Investments

Every decision involves trade-offs between the costs and benefits of the available options. But most people forget to account for the opportunity cost of their choice. While most IT investment decision making relies on the traditional accounting cost to decide … Continue reading

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Sunk Cost Fallacy: The Irrational Barrier to Effective IT Investments

The irrational psychology of the sunk cost fallacy is a pervasive barrier to effective IT investment decision making and CIO success. Let’s say you spent $1M on a project the vendor says they need another $100K to complete it. Even … Continue reading

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