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HathiTrust Lawsuit Decision Will Trigger The Law of Unintended Consequences

The HathiTrust lawsuit decision will certainly trigger the law of unintended consequences causing the HathiTrust institutions and all others to regret the suit. That is my conclusion based on my reading of the decision in the lawsuit brought by The Authors Guild … Continue reading

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Book Review: Information Security Governance Simplified

Information Security Governance Simplified: From the Boardroom to the Keyboard is a perfect guide to developing effective information security at all levels. The experienced and novice information security professional will find Information Security Governance Simplified, by Todd Fitzgerald, to be a valuable resource and … Continue reading

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Case Study: Arkansas State University Privacy Policy and Web Trackers

This is a case study of the Arkansas State University privacy policy and the prevalence of web trackers on ASU websites. Although this case study is specific to Arkansas State University, the approach and tools used along with the findings … Continue reading

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Tracking the Trackers on College and University Web Sites

Tracking the trackers on college and university web sites is surprisingly easy and something every CIO, CMO  and compliance officer should be able to do. Here I will offer another layer of insights into how users are tracked on your … Continue reading

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Got Web Beacons, Tracking Cookies or Browser Fingerprinting?

Web beacons, tracking cookies, pixel trackers and browser fingerprinting are used increasingly on college and university web sites. Unfortunately, most CIO’s and Chief Marketing Officers have very little knowledge of these web trackers presences and are naive as to their … Continue reading

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Developing an IT Policy Framework

Developing an IT policy framework is the only way to have an effective IT policy model for operations and compliance. In fact, before you do any IT policy work, you should devote some time to defining your enterprise policy framework … Continue reading

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Credit Card Convenience Fees in Higher Ed

Recently I set out to do a little research into convenience fees for credit cards and other forms of electronic payments in Higher Ed. I wanted to examine the opportunity for CIO’s to adopt alternative payment systems or alternate currencies … Continue reading

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