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10 Tips for Successful IT Outsourcing

Successful IT outsourcing requires a basic plan to deal with outsourcing vendors wanting to raise prices and renegotiate contracts in 2012. That doesn’t mean you need some fancy planning process or a costly vendor negotiation strategy. You simply need to gather … Continue reading

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Top 10 Tech Trends 2012 Healthcare vs Higher Education

The Top 10 Tech Trends 2012 from Healthcare Informatics is a stark contrast to the Top 10 Tech Trends for higher education. The comparison of the healthcare top 10 tech trends to those of higher education has greater relevance than … Continue reading

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Revised FERPA Sacrifices Students Privacy

When the FERPA privacy going gets tough, the tough get the privacy laws changed. Or so it seems from reviewing the Revised FERPA rules. What ever happened to the ethos “if it saves one child _______”. Yet, at the very time … Continue reading

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Managing Human Capital Risk

Human capital risk is one of the most serious and pervasive threats to every CIO’s IT strategic plan and success as a business leader. That is not just because of the nature of human capital risk presents itself as a … Continue reading

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Natural Disaster and Hazard Risk Assessment Resources

Natural disaster and hazard risk assessment and risk mapping is an essential part of any disaster recovery or business continuity plan and includes risk analysis for natural hazards. Hazard assessment is also essential in making key IT decisions such as … Continue reading

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SSAE 16 Audit: Which Vendors Should Provide SSAE 16 Audit Reports

Understanding the new SSAE 16 audit will help CIO’s and IT managers know when to obtain an SSAE 16 audit report from individual service providers. That is also true for functional managers who might go directly to the cloud for … Continue reading

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Net Neutrality Final Rules Filed by FCC for November Implementaiton

Net Neutrality Final Rules will go into effect on November 20, 2011. The FCC filed the Net Neutrality final rules on Friday thereby establishing the rule for an “Open Internet”. Net Neutrality Final Rules Net Neutrality final rules as they were filed are … Continue reading

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