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4 Steps to Improving IT Value Realization

Improving IT value realization is clearly top of mind for many executives these days. Sadly, IT value realization is more of a focus among CEO’s and CFO’s than it appears it is for CIO’s. The reasons I am hearing for the interest … Continue reading

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Hire Slow to Achieve Excellence

Hire Slow is absolutely the single most important strategy to achieving excellence. That is because excellence starts and end with the people you hire and the team that you build. Therefore, hire slow is the first part of an overall … Continue reading

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Fire Fast: Fixing Bad Hiring Decisions

Hire slow, fire fast is both a strategy and an encouragement for fixing bad hiring decisions. Fire fast should also be taken as permission to use firing more often than other approaches to fixing bad hiring decisions. Fire fast not … Continue reading

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IT Governance Model

Your IT governance model is one of the most critical processes to the success of your IT department and your organization. IT governance in many organization’s occurs through a technology committee but uses an informal process, or function, resulting in … Continue reading

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Book Review: Information Technology Control and Audit Fourth Edition

Information Technology Control and Audit, Fourth Edition is one of a handful of books I think of as a must have reference book on every CIO’s bookshelf or in the IT department library. Now in its fourth edition, Information Technology Control … Continue reading

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Case Study: Arkansas State University Privacy Policy and Web Trackers

This is a case study of the Arkansas State University privacy policy and the prevalence of web trackers on ASU websites. Although this case study is specific to Arkansas State University, the approach and tools used along with the findings … Continue reading

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Tracking the Trackers on College and University Web Sites

Tracking the trackers on college and university web sites is surprisingly easy and something every CIO, CMO  and compliance officer should be able to do. Here I will offer another layer of insights into how users are tracked on your … Continue reading

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