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IT Skills Inventory Starts With Your IT Staffing Model

Before investing a ton of time in an extensive IT skills inventory and the maintenance nightmare of keeping an individual IT skills matrix up to date, think about if it is actually going to be beneficial for your business. There … Continue reading

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IT Governance Model

Your IT governance model is one of the most critical processes to the success of your IT department and your organization. IT governance in many organization’s occurs through a technology committee but uses an informal process, or function, resulting in … Continue reading

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IT Budget Benchmarks and More IT Staffing Benchmarks

Apparently everyone loves IT staffing benchmarks and IT metrics so much that I am following up IT Staffing Ratios Benchmarks with some additional IT staffing benchmarks and some interesting IT budget benchmarks.

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IT Staffing Ratios Benchmarks

IT staffing ratios benchmarks should be checked each year against your own IT staffing ratios to be sure you still match up with current IT staffing trends. As important as it is to check industry specific IT staffing ratios benchmarks, … Continue reading

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Book Review: Information Technology Control and Audit Fourth Edition

Information Technology Control and Audit, Fourth Edition is one of a handful of books I think of as a must have reference book on every CIO’s bookshelf or in the IT department library. Now in its fourth edition, Information Technology Control … Continue reading

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Big Data in Higher Education

Big data in higher education is one topic I will finally admit that I just can’t get excited about. Mostly because I question the existence of big data in higher education and the collective willingness to take any action on … Continue reading

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Creating a Customer Centric IT Organization Chart

The IT organization chart is much more than the IT organization structure or the IT operating model it symbolizes it is also a communication tool. The IT organization chart is an expression of the CIO’s values and orientation as the … Continue reading

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