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Got Web Beacons, Tracking Cookies or Browser Fingerprinting?

Web beacons, tracking cookies, pixel trackers and browser fingerprinting are used increasingly on college and university web sites. Unfortunately, most CIO’s and Chief Marketing Officers have very little knowledge of these web trackers presences and are naive as to their … Continue reading

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Big Data in Higher Education

Big data in higher education is one topic I will finally admit that I just can’t get excited about. Mostly because I question the existence of big data in higher education and the collective willingness to take any action on … Continue reading

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Outsourced University Athletics Websites Violate University Privacy Policy

Outsourced university athletics websites violate university privacy policy including tracking visitor data and using it for advertisers. I don’t want to over complicate this so let me offer the simplest explanation of how university privacy policy are being violated. University athletic … Continue reading

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Higher Ed CIO Social Networking Collaboration

Questions on CIO social networking is addressed by one of the Four Questions on CIO’s answered by the analysis of the 2011 CIO Listserv on “Are CIO’s Collaborating as a Community?” With the recent upgrades to the EDUCAUSE website and … Continue reading

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Google Giveth and Google Taketh Away with Panda 3.4

Google continues to refine the search experience for its users with the Panda 3.4 updates reminding us all that what Google gives you today they can always take it away. For college and university CIO’s and CMO’s there is an … Continue reading

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Behavioral Analytics: Politics and Technology of Hoodies and Profiling

Behavioral analytics and social media analytics technology is outpacing the policies and politics of hoodies and behavioral profiling. This is the long standing issue of what is IT’s role in administering acceptable use, crime prevention and the use of technology to enforce it. This … Continue reading

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Bitcoin and Groupon Featured in Primetime Television

The future of IT featured heavily on TV last night with Groupon on 60 Minutes and Bitcoin being the main story line in  The Good Wife. Both of these programs illustrated just how powerful the modern Internet has been as a … Continue reading

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