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Developing an IT Policy Framework

Developing an IT policy framework is the only way to have an effective IT policy model for operations and compliance. In fact, before you do any IT policy work, you should devote some time to defining your enterprise policy framework … Continue reading

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Alternative Payment Systems Reducing the Cost of College

Alternative payment systems can reduce the cost of college for students, add convenience, and eliminate the cost of tuition payment systems. In many ways this should be a no-brainer for CFO’s and CIO’s. Yet roughly 50% of all colleges and universities … Continue reading

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Outsourced University Athletics Websites Violate University Privacy Policy

Outsourced university athletics websites violate university privacy policy including tracking visitor data and using it for advertisers. I don’t want to over complicate this so let me offer the simplest explanation of how university privacy policy are being violated. University athletic … Continue reading

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Credit Card Convenience Fees in Higher Ed

Recently I set out to do a little research into convenience fees for credit cards and other forms of electronic payments in Higher Ed. I wanted to examine the opportunity for CIO’s to adopt alternative payment systems or alternate currencies to … Continue reading

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Amazon EC2 Goes Down: Start the Cloud Fears

The big storms yesterday in the eastern part of the country took down part of Amazon EC2 cloud services in Virginia due to the power outages. The Amazon EC2 outage of course had a cascading effect on customers including some … Continue reading

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Monitoring Vendor Risk: Ellucian, BlackBoard and Open Source Software

The higher education enterprise software market biggest issue isn’t simply vendor consolidation of Ellucian (Datatel+SunGard) and BlackBoard acquiring Moodlerooms and Netspot. The biggest issue is that SIS market leader Ellucian now joins and BlackBoard as a privately held company with … Continue reading

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What’s Driving Ellucian and Blackboard

5½ weeks ago Datatel+SunGard became Ellucian and Blackboard purchased Moodlerooms and Netspot. So let’s talk about what drove them here. Let’s start by being clear this doesn’t have to be about Ellucian and BlackBoard specifically. It’s about the enterprise software … Continue reading

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